Jenna Bush will be guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today. Ellen just asked one sipmple question: “Is she able to just pick up the phone and call home”, the rest is history…

Jenna can be heard first speaking to her mother, Laura Bush.

Then she speaks with her daddy: “This is the Ellen Degeneres Show.”

President Bush replies: “Well, that’s great!”

DeGeneres then asks him: “How’s it going?”

President Bush replies: “It’s going great, Ellen. How’s my little girl doing?”

DeGeneres said: “Oh, she’s great. “She’s scared she’s going to get in trouble, because I just said, ‘Is it easy to just pick up the phone and call your dad anytime?’

“She said, ‘Yes.’

“So I said, ‘Okay well, let’s call him, and then she goes, ‘Oh’, and now she’s scared that she’s not going to get any Christmas presents.”

Jenna says: “Dad?”

President Bush replies: “Yes, baby?”

Jenna asks: “Are you mad?”

President Bush replies: “no, not at all. I’m excited to talk to you. I’m glad to talk to Ellen.”

DeGeneres said: “Look, we are showing a picture of you holding your daughters when they were just born. That’s beautiful.”

She adds: ‘Alright, well, we just wanted to say Merry Christmas, and we thought you’d want to say Merry Christmas to our audience.”

President Bush said: “I do want to say Merry Christmas to your audience, and I want to tell my little girl I love her.”

Jenna said: “I love you too, Dad.”

Video available here.