OK! somehow found out what’s Brad Pitt getting for his birthday, minding the fact that the actuall b-day is next week (December 18th) and that probably even Brad has no clue what’s he getting.

"First up is the lady in his life, Angelina Jolie, who OK! has learned is planning on presenting her beau with a new set of wheels, specifically a new motorcycle. Of course, Brad's new ride will have a lot to live up to, as the actor already refers to his current motorcycle as "my sweetheart."

But no matter how cool his new bike, for Brad, nothing could beat a day with his kids. “His family is the best birthday gift Brad could ever have,” says a source close to the couple. “Shiloh’s always been a daddy’s girl, and nothing makes Brad smile more than playing with her.”

So much for the surprise, if this all  is true, of course.