On her recent trip to Russia, Paris Hilton made fun of the local actors who were dressed up as Smurfs while promoting goodies for a candy store. An eyewitness told the Daily Star:

“I don’t know if Paris had been on the mulled wine when she saw the [actors]. We heard her saying: ‘Oh my, real live Smurfs. I always wanted one when I was a kid’ before turning to her pal and asking, ‘Can I take them home?’ She started talking about adding them to her collection and bent down to talk to them in a babyish voice. I really don’t think she was trying to cause offense. But the actors were really narked off about it all.”
So “narked” off that one man went Grouchy Smurf on the celebutante. “One of them just flipped and starting shouting at Paris. He obviously spoke fluent English and told her in no uncertain terms that he was a grown man and that she was being very patronizing.”

But I want an oompa loompah NOW!