Seriously Britney, with a paparazzo? I thought it was just another spin around the city while you desperately for a toilet. Looks like the nearest one was in a hotel just down the road. Classy, I must say.

According to reports, the pair was holed up in Spears' room at the Peninsula Hotel until early Sunday morning. The guy left the hotel around 6:00 AM while Britney stayed in until 9:00 AM.
Splash News Online reports:

“After discussing the possibility of him coming into her house she said that her house was too dirty and that she would rather go to a hotel," Splash reports. "So they changed cars and she went back to her house to freshen up while Adnan parked down the road and waited for her. She then came out in her car and they both drove to an L.A. hotel.
As of Sunday afternoon, a source says Spears was at her Beverly Hills home with her two children, Sean Preston and Jayden James.”

Wow, Britney is bringing their relationship to a whole new level. 4 th base, touchdown, y’all!