Angelina Jolie decided to share with us some of her beauty tips. Ladies, get that pen and a notebook:

"Angie is worried that the veins in her arms, hands and forehead have become more visible because of the amount of weight she has lost in recent months.

To combat the problem, Angelina has started having a special £200-a-time beauty treatment which uses a cream made from the eggs of the Baerii sturgeon – which is reared on farms in the South of France to produce the culinary delicacy of fish eggs.

The treatment, which can last up to three hours, involves the actress being wrapped up in tight bandages so her body sweats out toxins before she is slathered in the youth-restoring body cream – which claims to fight "slackened skin and loss of firmness".

The high oil and protein content of the sturgeon eggs is believed to be very good for the skin."

Caviar, seriously. Ewww