On Monday evening, Britney’s parents rushed into her home after she had a huge argument with her manager Sam Lutfi. Apparently, Sam wanted her to see a psychologist and also didn’t want her to see her paparazzi boyfriend, Adnan Ghalid.

The insiders are reporting that the entire event lasted for at least 3 hours. At one point Britney stormed out of her house and sat on the side of the road sobbing in front of hoards of photographers. Britney then got into the car of another photographer named Felipe, and drove inside the gates of her home. Her pap boyfriend tried unsuccessfully to get inside her house.


Around 9:00 pm Britney’s parents arrived at the crime scene. At around 9.30pm Britney left her home. She was later seen driving around Los Angeles with Adnan by her side. Shortly after 11pm, Britney and Adnan returned to her home.