I’m guessing the only way for this guy to be seen was doing something stupid. Stupid like DUI arrest, for starters of course. Who knows what future holds for this guy.

“He was arrested in Malibu at 8.05am yesterday morning and taken into custody after another driver reported his black Mercedes swerving across the road. The driver followed Hilton’s car into a petrol station, managing to hit a station employee’s leg in the process, throwing him over a petrol pump and causing bruises. Barron was breathalysed at the scene and also found to be in possession of a fake driving licence. He was released from the Malibu prison where he was being held at 5.45pm yesterday and ordered to appear in court on 14 April. His friends raised the $20,000 bail after Paris and her family refused to put up the money, saying to be happy for him to spend the
night in jail. Tough love!”