I can’t entirely understand the logic behind having Miley Cyrus as a presenter at the Oscar’s but something tells me she’s gotta be damn good in what she does, and by that I do not mean singing/acting, because apparently she does both. Gee, the girl is so young she did’t even had the time to learn how to properly apply the lipstick on. Ah, kids these days…

Anyway the other presenters at the Oscar Awards will be: Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman, Seth Rogen,Denzel Washington, John Travolta, Cate Blanchett,Steve Carell, George Clooney,Penelope Cruz, Superbad’s Jonas Hill,Patrick Dempsey, Cameron Diaz, Colin Farrell, Katherine Heigl, Hilary Swank, Renee Zellweger.