So it appears that Gene Simmons is one of many celebrities to join the ‘we’re media whores and we love having ‘secret’ sex tapes’ club. This gotta be one of those tapes that you would want to see only when you’re that drunk that you can easily mistaken Gene’s naked body for ripped  Matthew McConaughey’s.

The girl on the tape appears to be an Austrian energy drink spokesmodel. has the video available, but the site is currently down, however, some of the clips are still available online. I found two very, very interesting ones on In one, Gene Simmons puts on a condom before entering his lady friend, who then refuses to kiss him. Ouch.. oh, and I almost forgot, you can ‘enjoy’ the steamy action with some fine tunes of the unforgettable “I wanna know what love is” song that is bouncing off the bedroom walls. How inappropriate.

… I want you to show me… I wanna feel what love is… la la la la