Courtney Love claims someone has stolen her late husband’s social security number and was using it to con her for millions of pounds. According to Courtney, they’ve used Cobain’s details and bought a house worth £1.6 million.

"As for being taken SERIOUSLY,l i personally have NOTHING to do with it, NUMBERS do not lie, i simply turned in the printouts i got from my child's, my own and my deceased husbands social security numbers and Ficos.

Call me names all day ,but its the NUMBERS ,not my persona. If i get "Lifelock" i will post this information for your bemusement, no actually i wont, cos why should i cater to your fantasies, You cant accept numbers? Then i guess your really a lonely sad animalistic hungry motherfucker who cannot manifest any of your own desires.

Courtney also claims 188 false credit cards have fraudulently been set up in her name in the last five years.

 "I knew it had been going on since when I went cuckoo, bananas in 2003," She explains. It was fraud after fraud. But nobody believed me until now."

Courtney met with police last week to investigate her claims.