So The Office and Desperate Housewives should return next season with 30 half-hour and 24 hour episodes, respectively!? What the heck, it’s a bit too much. Look at what happened to The Office when they tried those hour long eps? It became UNfunny and annoying. And DH does not need to drag out a mystery for that long (even though I think the first season had 24 eps too) but um, yeah, I can never get enough of the show so not complaining.


E reports that  NBC actually requested 32 half-hours, but producers think that's just beyond the pale, so it could settle out at 30 after all. Meanwhile, ABC has requested 24 hours of Desperate Housewives next season.

Also, DH is able to do seven new eps to finish out this season by working seven consecutive Saturdays, so when the show returns, you raise a glass to the cast and crew for putting their backs into it.

Source: E Online