Daily Mirror has reported about yet another cat fight among Sex and The City girls. Apparently they all had a major falling over the clothes and over their arrival at the movie premiere. Clothes, hmm I can’t think of any other reason to start a fight, I mean what else?

“There is huge rivalry about who is wearing what. And the film's stylist Patricia Field is stuck in the middle because everyone keeps secretly asking her who is wearing what. They are determined not to be outdone by each other. The four girls were all supposed to arrive at the premiere together in a white stretch limo. But now they have demanded they have their own individual cars so each star can have their own five minutes on the carpet with all eyes on them – rather than SJP getting all the attention. It's turning into a logistical nightmare.”

I doubt anyone is even thinking about the follow up to this move. It would be way too much stressful for everyone.