Gee, they really speeded things up this time. Jay only got the license couple of days ago and, given the fact he took it on April’s Fool’s Day, we were kind of suspicious about the entire wedding rumors. Personally I thought these two will get married soon, but saw it coming in a month or two, since the wedding license lasts for 60 days. Guess they fooled us all. Exclusive from LaShonda at The E-Biz:

“My wonderful source in an insider's in Beyonce's camp and gave me a small taste of the juicy details for Jay-Z and Beyoncé's wedding, taking place Friday, April 4.

Private affair in NYC (very small guest list!)
Guests MUST wear all ivory
Location was NOT on invitations
The small guest list is star-studded including: Serena and Venus Williams”

Ivory? Guest list: Serena and Venus? They were probably the least attractive so they decided to go public only with those two names. Lame…