No one should mess with George Clooney’s girlfriend, Sarah Larson.  Because it’s most likely he’ll track you down and hunt you like a dog until he gets you.  And then.. then he’ll make a statement for the tabloids.

George tried sending the clear message to an anonymous caller, who was leaving voice messages on his girlfriend’s phone for a while now, by tracking him down.  But a crank left him a message on his phone saying:

Dude, your friends asked me to give you a message: Dump the bitch before you're sorry!

George was so furious that and he had to do something about it. And while all of you might think he beat the hell out of that guy, George simply went to a tabloid and told the newspaper how he was annoyed and how he tracked down the number to a pre-paid mobile. Wohoo, bravo!

In the meanwhile, Sarah is battling the ongoing stripper rumors:

“They say that I'm a stripper. There's a ton of stuff about that. I've never been a stripper. You know, just because I'm from Las Vegas, I must be a stripper. Because I'm a cocktail server, that means I'm an escort." Boo hoo.

For all I know, a crank could be right about Sarah. Who knows…