Bit of E (ecstasy) + little bit C (cocaine) + few beers + crack = Amy Winehouse racist video & Blake and Amy horsing around.

Bizarre photos of Amy Crackhouse and her hubby, Blake Fielder arrived on the world wide web.  Over 100 shocking photos and sickening video footage of Amy  and her friend Sarah as they sing a string of racist lines, were exposed by a former friend determined to show the world just what power Blake wields in manipulating Amy.

The video was shot around May 2007—weeks after the couple eloped to wed in Miami, Blake pretends not to record the entire thing, while asking Amy and Sarah for a singsong:  “Can we have a singsong of it?” Sarah is at first reluctant but soon warms to the action as Amy enthusiastically sings: “Blacks, Pakis, Gooks and Nips, Gooks and Nips! “And deaf and dumb and blind and gay!” At the end Blake pledges: Well done. I promise I wasn’t recording it.” He then adds to Sarah: “I swear on your life. I swear on your life.”

To download the video, click on the following link amy winehouse racist video.


Source: NOTW