Naomi Campbell told the press she flipped out on B. A. flight because she was called a racial name.

“I was called a racial name on that flight. And that was part of my reaction,” Naomi told Sky News. Again, nothing to do with the police but yes from British Airways. I was called a golliwog supermodel, I don’t think that’s really fair do you?’ Would you like it if someone turned round and called you a golliwog supermodel? I mean I’m proud to be a black woman, I’m proud to be British, I’m proud of the job that I do but I did not call anyone names of colour, of their race. And, you know I’ve had to leave all of that out of court and all of that out of statement because at the end of the day the real problem was, I took my upset and my, the end of my wrath came out on the police, which was wrong.”

Yeah, I’m sure you didn’t think about a racial name at the time of the arrest, how could you when it never happened in the first place.