Seems like everywhere Britney goes there’s some sort of chaos around her. She broke in tears at LAX airport on Friday, when paparazzi surrounded her and her entourage, leaving her literally impossible to move.   Yeah, I guess there’s nothing else to do but cry in that situation. Poor Britney, she totally lost it. I kind of miss seeing that young girl in a school uniform again on my TV. Her singing about some random guy who is supposed to hit her one more time, for no reason whatsoever, was always a good laugh.

Britney Spears arrived at L.A.’s LAX airport Friday to a chaotic scene involving over 30 paparazzi. At one point, police intervened to quell a scuffle between a photographer and one of the singer’s entourage.

Both the photographer and the entourage member (who would not say whether he was a bodyguard) were treated for minor injuries. Neither ended up filing charges.

Spears, 26, and her father Jamie were unharmed.

“Britney’s security was not equipped to handle the situation,” an eyewitness told “It was mass chaos with photographers standing on the escalator with Britney and she literally had nowhere to go. Her bodyguards had no idea what to do.”