9Lives’ Morris’ Million Cat Rescue is in Los Angeles for the one millionth cat adoption of the nationwide campaign! Giuliana Rancic adopted the one millionth kitten of the 9Lives’ Morris’ Million Cat Rescue campaign at the West LA Animal Care Center. E! News” co-anchor Jason Kennedy actually surprised her with the little kitten, because he knew she and new husband Bill Rancic had been looking to adopt a cat.

With paparazzi lining the red carpet of the West Los Angeles Animal Care Center, Jason and Giuliana arrived by limousine to the shelter. Giuliana stepped out of the car to be greeted by Morris the Cat in his designer sunglasses and bowtie. Her initial surprise was then surpassed by pure joy and excitement as Jason presented her with the new kitten, an adorable gray and white tabby. Morris the Cat made the adoption official by stamping his paw print alongside the signature of Hollywood’s newest adoptive mom, Giuliana.