Alright, let me get this straight. Last week, Paris wanted a new dog for her fashion shoot, she went to a pet store to get one but the they’ve basically told her to get lost. So now, Paris is denying the entire thing, saying it never happened. I mean, what the hell were you thinking? She thought it would be a good idea to cry about it on her myspace page:

“I wasn’t looking for a new pet, I wasn’t even at a photo shoot that day, (I was down the street at Benji’s DCMA clothing store) and I actually have a Yorkie puppy. I love animals and the cruel things people say are not acceptable.

Puppies are not accessories or toys and I love my own pets dearly–I treat them as if they were my children. Of course I support pet adoption from shelters, and I made sure that my BFF show involved a local one to spread the word about how these animals need loving owners. So it is sad that someone felt the need to invent a story about me throwing a fit for a dog that would “go with my outfit. I have no idea where people come up with these stories and they are spreading to so many news outlets that I just have to speak my mind and clear things up, especially with my fans. I love you all and appreciate your messages, as always”.

What a load of crap! This text is far beyond Paris’ vocabulary, I bet one of her dogs was forced to write this shit. Poor things, they should be all rescued right away.

Source: DListed