John Mayer’s no. 1 groupie Jennifer Aniston asked John’s bodyguards to escort his ex girlfriend (when did they date?) Kimberly Stewart from the backstage area at his London concert on Sunday. UK Daily Mirror reports:

“Jennifer spotted Kimberly and asked John what she was doing there. John and Kim know each other from clubbing in LA, but Jennifer doesn’t want anyone around who reminds her that he used to be a player. She has fallen head over heels for John, but she’s scared it will all go wrong again. Another woman stole her man before when Angelina Jolie started dating Brad Pitt – she couldn’t bear it to happen again.”

The story doesn’t end there, Kimberly Stewart decided to wave from the side of the stage to her lover boy just so she can make Jennifer jealous. Worked like a charm.

“She was on the side of the stage, waving at John and cheekily catching Jennifer’s eye while she was taking photos of her fella. She had been told twice by security that she would be removed but she stood there bold as brass. Jennifer was on the opposite side of the stage and John felt like piggy-in-the-middle. He saw the tension and told his bouncers to get rid of her at all costs. Kim was pulled off the stage…”

Source: Hot Momma Gossip