These two have no privacy at all, they’ve broadcasted live on TV every little moment of their life, starting from how they’ve meet, how Ryan proposed to her, wedding, they’ve told their story to every single tabloid out there (ok, maybe they’ve missed out a few) and now they’ve turned to to help them (which usually stands for- give money-) organize Max’s birthday bash. They’re probably gonna keep on doing that until poor kid turns 18 or graduates from college.

“To help make the party extra special, has called upon lifestyle and entertaining guru, Jennifer Sbranti (, to help oversee party details. Additionally, readers are being given an opportunity to help plan the party by voting on a variety of elements including: the invitation, party favors, food and dessert.”

Don’t even think I’m going to give you that url. Seriously, Trista, there are some things you wanna share with your family and close friends ONLY.