Mike Jones gets a bloody nose from Trae at Ozone Awards in Huston, Texas on August 11th. Apparently, Mike insulted Trae’s city, disrespected him so the guy did what he does best. And by that I do NOT mean rapping, but busting him in da face.


In the video for a celeb blogger, Trae said:

“When people were shitting on Houston like saying Houston fell off, [Jones] ducked up and curled somewhere. I stayed fighting like ‘nigga this is H-Town,” explained Trae. “That’s why everybody respects me and that’s why they put me on the forefront of the city. The man out here lying.” Yeah he got it! He got it for running his mouth too much,” Trae continued.“I was talking to him between a barricade and he felt safe to talk to me from other side and he still got his nose touched. Its a good thing I didn’t fuck up the awards, it happened before the awards. I was in my seat and watched the awards for the rest of the night”.
When asked whether his beef with Jones is personal, Trae replied: “He’s running around acting like he is the city and he really ain’t. Don’t do that. We get stripes out here; we go to war for the city.”