halle berry
Halle Berry with family

One of the officers in Montreal Airport “Trudeau” let the famous actress, her boyfriend and their child to jump the line on the airport and lost his job.

“The (boyfriend) of Ms. Berry asked if they could go faster through the line because they were late and they had the baby,” said Insp. Jimmy Cacchione, who heads the 36-member unit that patrols the Montreal airport.

Poor officer was reprimated for this act of “good will”. and police force in charge for the airport security issued a statement saying these type of things won’t be happening in the future.

Sometimes they really think they are untouchable! Common now, what gives them the right to even ask to jump the line with 100’s of people waiting and request special treatment.

What do you think? Should they be left waiting with other mom’s and babies in the line or have special privileges just for being on the Oscar’s stage and acting in couple movies :).