On June 26th, YouTube personality, Shane Dawson jumped on the “apology bandwagon” sparked by this summer’s worldwide discussions on systemic racism. He published his 20-minute long apology video, “Taking Accountability” addressing the overwhelming amounts of inappropriate content on his channel before taking a leave of absence from social media. To say his apology video was accepted would be just…wishful thinking.

After 30+ days of silence, Ryland Adams finally gave us the break we were all waiting for with his attempt to address the seemingly unsavable controversy in his video, “My Past, My Present, and my Future (30 Days of Meditation).” Before he reflects on his own career journey in the 20-minute video, Ryland makes three main points about Shane’s infamous video: Shane has grown since the publication of some of his more controversial content, everyone makes mistakes, and followers should take into account all Shane has done for the online community. I’d say he’s definitely taken a mature, almost spiritual approach to the matter, but seriously, am I the only one that wants to hear something from Shane himself?


So, what do you think? Is Ryland Adams speaking truth about Shane’s “authentic self” or is he in fact preaching to the wrong choir?