Actress Zoe Saldana is taking the heat for the changes she had to undergo to play her role depicting American singer, Nina Simone in a 2016 biopic, Nina. You’re probably thinking why this has only come up now, but following the sweeping race discussions now taking place in America, people and, even institutions like Hollywood, are being called out for their past wrongs.

Saldana, an actress of  Dominican and Puerto Rican descent was criticized for wearing blackface and a prosthetic nose to play the renowned singer. The public is now asking, why go through all the trouble and cast an actress that more resembled the legend for the role instead? Exactly. Seems a heck of a lot easier and it just. makes. sense. Simone’s daughter, Lisa Simone Kelly has come to Saldana’s defense saying “unfortunately she’s being attacked when she’s not responsible for any of the writing or the lies.” Although Kelly was not pleased with the alterations to Saldana’s appearance, she seems to direct her frustrations at the bigger issue at hand- Hollywood. The Simona family had other issues with the biopic including the fact that the film centers around a romance between Nina and her manager, Clifton Henderson that never took place…

The Simone family weren’t pleased, about Saldana’s physical transformation to play their mother, Nina Simone in 2006 biopic.

So who’s to blame? Zoe for accepting the role, or Hollywood for normalizing these practices?