We knew more was yet to come after watching the popular 2019 HBO docuseries, “I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth v. Michelle Carter” based on the infamous texting-suicide trial that followed the death of 17-year-old Conrad Roy III on 13 July 2014. What we didn’t see coming was Carter’s early release on January, 23rd 2020 after serving 12 months of her controversial 15-month prison sentence for involuntary manslaughter. Dafuq.
Elle Fanning to play Michelle Carter in the new Hulu series depicting the infamous texting suicide case.
Twenty-two-year-old Elle Fanning will both star and serve as an executive producer for the new scripted Hulu series, “The Girl from Plainville.” The case received national attention given its bizarre nature and the questions it posed: can someone be found guilty for encouraging someone to commit suicide through a series of text messages and at what point is the enabler responsible for the life of the victim who was already suicidal? The HBO docuseries had various twists and turns and most people watching it were doing so from the edge of their seats. The Hulu series aims to focus on Carter’s relationship with Roy, the events leading up to the death, and the trial itself.
The highly-publicized case of The Commonwealth vs Michelle Carter is going to get a little bit more attention.
Will Hulu reach the high bar set by the HBO hit? Or will the story just be over-sensationalized and the details lost in the dramatization?