Kylie-Jenner-getting-blasted-for-her-appearance-in-Cardi B-and-Megan-Thee-Stallion's-new-WAP-music-video

The dynamic rap duo dropped their new video, “WAP” on August 7th and the video is getting some negative attention. Not for its explicit nature but for the Kylie Jenner cameo.

I admit the appearance of the 23-year-old socialite and entrepreneur was pretty out of the blue, but fans are signing a petition to have Jenner removed from the video altogether. According to these angry fans, Jenner is a social climber using the hard work of others to promote herself and the Kardashian family has been exploiting black people to “stay relevant” for years. They would have much rather seen a rising artist of color with singing or dancing abilities get the feature in the hot release. No official word from Jenner but Cardi, in a series of deleted tweets went so far as to defend Jenner’s cameo by saying that the Kardashian family is “just really nice.” The petition has collected over 50,000 signatures and it’s barely been 3 days since the video’s release. I’d say disgruntled fans are feeding right into the attention trap. Good or bad, think about how much attention Jenner is getting now over this.

The-Kylie-Jenner-cameo-in-Megan-Thee-Stallion-and-Cardi B's-new-hit-song-WAP-wasn't-entirely-well-received
The Kylie Jenner cameo in Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B’s new hit song, WAP wasn’t entirely well-received.

Can we expect a new version of this video to drop soon or is this petition going to disappear as quickly as it came up?