de Armas came to visit Affleck on August 10th while he was working on an undisclosed project. Their sweet semi-masked kiss has everyone talking.

The adorable pair, Affleck (47) and de Armas (32) met on the production of their erotic thriller, Deep Water.

Affleck and de Armas are rumored to have started dating earlier this year after being spotted on vacation in de Armas’s native Havana, Cuba. Affleck was spotted answering a few phone calls before de Armas appeared outside to give him a kiss. Clearly frustrated by the mask barrier in between them, she pulled the mask down to give Affleck a proper kiss. The couple had just returned from a short vacation with Affleck’s 3 children. It’s evident they’re still are entranced by each other. de Armas recently had to block a twitter fan account after the couple received too much attention for walking their dogs together during the quarantine and just basic invasion of privacy.

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have been spotted on regular walks with their dogs.

How sweet are they? Should the media back down a smidge tho?