Back in July, the talk show host became the focus of an internal investigation by WarnerMedia. You may have seen some headlines prior to that calling Ellen DeGeneres the meanest person in Hollywood. Looks like some higher-ups saw them too.

There have been numerous allegations of toxic workplace issues ranging from racism, intimidation to sexual misconduct. Ellen can no longer hide behind her popularity, awards, and on-camera fun-loving personality because everyone is talking about what is going on behind-the-scenes of her show. Some are even going as far as calling for Ellen to be canceled. After reading some of the twitter posts that describe both staff and celebrity encounters with an explosive Ellen, I’d say she’s more naughty than nice. de Rossi recently made a public statement on Ellen’s behalf to say that Ellen is “doing great” and to let fans know that their support is appreciated. Seems like a lot is going on right now for Ellen.

Portia de Rossi has come onto the record claiming that Ellen is “doing fine” amidst the investigation.

Is Ellen really as fine as claimed?