We sometimes forget Kanye West is running for president in this 2020 election, namely because we didn’t think he would actually do it when he first expressed an interest back in 2016.

Kanye received a lot of criticism for his first political rally in North Charleston South Carolina.

Kanye recently tweeted “I know my mom and Kamala Harris would have been friends … congratulations on being the democratic Vice President nominee … all love and respect from the future president.  It’s an honor to run against you.”Kanye clearly has desires to win the elections and is being selective about the states he’s trying to get on the November ballot for. We’ve all been scratching our heads about this- what are his connections with Trump? Rudy Giuliani said last week that Kanye secretly still loves Trump, Jared Kushner has been meeting with Kanye, and Trump’s people, in general, believe that Kanye has the potential to snatch black votes from the democrats. I smell a conspiracy theory here. Kanye is aiming to get on the Minnesota and Virginia ballot, two battleground states. As of Friday, Kanye is officially on the ballot in four states — Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Vermont with 12 other states pending. The deadlines have already passed for some of these states and it is mathematically impossible for Kanye to win the 270 electoral votes needed to become president… so maybe the plot to foil a democrat victory is more plausible than we think. Furthermore, out of the numerous posts on Kanye’s twitter account, only one pertains to the presidential election. Shouldn’t all of them?

Kanye West has always been a supporter of Donald Trump, his opponent.

We have to ask, why is Kanye running for president?