The 17-year-old actor has been spotted working in a local restaurant amidst the production halt of season 4 of Stranger Things.

Gaten has been spending his time offset working in a restaurant.

Coronavirus has foiled the plans of many all over the world, including the production of some of our favorite series. Gaten took up a summer job alongside his family members in a New Jersey restaurant. It is unclear if the family owns the restaurant or if they all decided to pass the time together. Some fans have praised the young star for his work ethic and doing something productive during his downtime, while others have been heavily critical of his need to get a job. Rumor has it that Matarazzo makes about $20,000 per episode, so what’s with the “basic” job? Filming for season 4 of Stranger Things is set to resume in September.

Despite wearing a mask, the recognizable 17-year-old Stranger Things actor was spotted while on shift.

What do you think? Has Gaten taken up a noble role, or has he just spent all his Stranger Things money?