Following Britney’s mental health breakdown in 2008, she was made the subject of a conservatorship that gave her father full control over her estate. In an effort to amend her 12-year conservatorship, the 38-year-old singer was unsuccessful.

Britney became the subject of conservatorship in 2008 and her father, Jamie Spears makes all decisions on her behalf regarding her welfare.

Britney’s legal team filed to permanently replace her dad, Jamie Spears, as the sole conservator over her person and business affairs. There is much speculation about the conference that took place as some say Britney didn’t even file all the necessary paperwork for the change before sitting in front of a judge and what took place was simply a status conference. Rumor has it that Britney wants to allow Jodi Montgomery, who temporarily took control last year when her dad became ill, to resume authority. Other sources say that Brittney wants to allow a bank or other financial institution to manage her business affairs alongside her dad. In any case, the legal conference attracted a small crowd outside the courthouse as part of the #FreeBrittney rally. Remember Britney’s first husband, Jason Alexander? He was amongst those that showed up to support Britney.

Ex-husband and childhood friend, Jason Alexander attends #FreeBritney rally to see her “get what she rightly deserves.”

It’s been a long time since 2008. Some of us right now are even missing those good old B.C. (Before Corona) days. What do you think- should Britney get her freedom back?