The murder trial of the century, armed robbery sentencing, and now the coronavirus can’t keep O.J. Simpson down. He was spotted on Thursday, August 20th celebrating without the proper precautions.

O.J. Simpson was seen in a crowded restaurant without a face mask or practicing social distancing.

The 73-year-old was seen celebrating his birthday in a Las Vegas restaurant, cutting through the crowd, giving hugs, and well- having a birthday party. All of this close contact and flirting was done without wearing a mask indoors or respecting social distancing. It is mandatory to wear a mask while walking through a restaurant in Las Vegas. Seemingly no one wanted to tell the Juice “no.” Given his age, Simpson is certainly at risk of contracting the virus.

O.J. and others dancing in a Las Vegas restaurant.

What do you think? O.J. could take down Miss Rona, right?