First of all, who gets fired from the “Real Housewives” for drinking too much? Sources say Dorinda Medley had taken it too far.

Dorinda Medley with cast members from Real Housewives of New York is fired after 6 seasons for being a ‘mean drunk.

Medley received the news that she would not be returning next season on the Bravo hit show just days after her good friend, Jon Griswold passed away. Very poor timing, but apparently her drinking onset had become too much after 6 seasons. Medley had been abrasive on set and poked fun at co-star Luann de Lesseps for her alcohol-involved arrest and crossed the line on multiple occasions according to sources. One source said, “If she’d have said [at the end of the season], ‘Look — I’ve been depressed and that’s why I’m acting like this,’ or, ‘I miss my [husband Richard, who died in 2011],’ and said she’d work on it, I think it would have been different.” Allegedly, execs didn’t want another season of Medley’s disruptive behavior and decided to look for a new co-star instead. With the cancel-culture strong and social justice movement more powerful than ever, Medley was just not a good representative for the show, let alone the network.

Medley was shocked to find out the news that she would not be appearing on RHONY’s next season.

What do you think, has Bravo made a mistake or just handled the inevitable?