The 37-year-old comedian is dating 40-year-old actress Minka Kelly. Remember when Trevor said he was against living together in a video published 9 months ago? Turns out he’s eating his shorts now.

Trevor Noah isn’t single ladies and he hasn’t been for a while. Sources say Noah and Kelly have been dating for several months and are “very happy” and “serious.” The two have been living together in Kevin’s New York City apartment since the lockdown. Who is Minka Kelly? You’ve probably seen her on the big screen and TV because she’s starred in The Roommate, Friday Night Lights, ABC’s Charlie’s Angels reboot, and The Titans. You’ve also probably seen her on social media speaking out about social justice. She had this to say amidst the unrest following the death of George Floyd, “As we all know, what’s happening isn’t new, photographic evidence is. So now, (very) slowly but surely, people are being held accountable. I’m sorry for the countless other innocent men and women who were brutally murdered that we don’t hear about, that don’t go viral,” she added. “I’m sorry for the inflicting trauma it causes black people to have to watch black bodies lynched on video time and time again.” You may have also seen Minka pop up within the fashion industry. She designs jewelry when she’s not acting and has partnered with ABLE, an ethical fashion brand. The brand trains and employs women subject to poverty or the commercial sex industry. Oh, and Kelly is also the daughter of Aerosmith guitarist, Rick Dufay.

Minka Kelly and Trevor Noah have not yet confirmed the rumors surrounding their relationship.

Okay, Trevor, she’s impressive. What do you think, will we hear wedding bells in the future?