Dj Khalid and Drake just dropped their hit song, POPSTAR yesterday, 3 September. The song was originally released back in July and peaked at #3 on the Billboard chart in August.

At the start of the video, you see DJ Khalid pestering Drake to follow up their hit song with a video ASAP by sending multiple video messages. Khalid acknowledges that both he and Drake would have trouble meeting up due to the coronavirus travel restrictions, but continues to send messages to Drake at no avail. After finally opening the plethora of messages from the 44-year-old producer, a frustrated Drake looks at his phone in disbelief and says, “Every waking moment that I’m alive it’s like you give someone everything you have, and they’re just like, another one, another one, honey, honey, honey, honey, every five seconds.” After letting it all out, Drake comes up with a solution and ends up “calling in a favor.” How many of you were surprised to see Justin Bieber appearing as Drake in the video, lip-syncing the entire rap while walking around some swanky mansion? The video was pretty entertaining and Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun even made a cameo as well. At the end of the music video, Bieber wakes up next to his wife, Hailey, and turns out the whole video was just a dream.

Justin Bieber appearing as Drake in a party mansion for the POPSTAR music video.

Was “calling in a favor” really the byproduct of the travel restrictions brought on by the pandemic or was there more truth to Drake’s rant at the start of the video than we think?